Alliance for a Post Petroleum Local Economy (APPLE)

A grassroots group concerned about the repercussions of higher priced or less available oil and natural gas in Nevada County. APPLE is a local, nonpartisan citizen forum to develop practical solutions for the challenges ahead. Our vision is of a more self-reliant, sustainable local economy which is localized – the opposite of globalized: we produce locally what we consume locally, as much as possible.

We have been working in the areas of energy, transportation, food and water, preparedness, and the economy. APPLE is building alliances with local organizations, government, and businesses to share information and engage other groups in creating their own local sustainable solutions.

APPLE does not have a formal membership at this time, but maintains a large e-mail list for a twice-a-month e-newsletter. Regular meetings of the APPLE Board of Directors are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room at Briar Patch community food co-op, 290 Sierra College Drive in Grass Valley.

Website: apple-nc.orgEmail: info@apple-nc.orgPhone: 530 478-1700Date Updated: 5/28/2011