Winter Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop at EcoHouse, 2/7/16

20160127pruningGrowing your own food from trees is a satisfying, abundant way to eat and share your favorite varieties. Getting started and caring for a tree in your garden does require some special knowledge. Whether you want to learn how to better take care of your fruit trees, or are interested in picking up tips for a future fruit tree garden, this workshop is for you! Join expert teacher John Valenzuela for this hands-on winter fruit tree pruning class held in a permaculture-based food forest garden at the EcoHouse.

This class will include theory of tree growth, nature’s pruning, and how to maximize health and productivity. Jahn Valenzuela will demonstrate various techniques for different species of trees and allow students to practice hands-on tree pruning with professional guidance.

We will have established fruit trees on-site to use as demonstration and practice. The teacher will also offer tips on how to get your trees started right. We will also discuss collection of scion wood for propagation. Handouts are included with class.

Teacher John Valenzuela is a horticulturist, consultant, and educator specializing in fruit trees and food forests, working throughout the Bay Area. He also serves as chairperson for the Golden Gate Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers. He is owner of Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens.

Space is limited, sign up online to get your spot. Workshop runs Sunday, February 7, 2016 from 12-2pm. For more details, click here.

[Photo credit: World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr]

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