Vote YES on 37!

For those who are casting their ballots early in the mail, the Ecology Center urges you to join us in voting YES on Prop 37. We’ve frequently highlighted the hazards of the GMO food system on our blog, from increased pesticides to crippling lawsuits against small scale farmers. Now is a rare moment to cast our ballots for more transparency in our food system, and exercise our right to know what’s in our food. There’s many mixed messages flooding the media about Prop 37, fueled by the biggest food producers. Californians may have been hearing about the risk of lawsuits against food retailers, or that it will raise food costs. Check out this page for responses to these and many more myths about Prop 37. The bottom line? Simply labeling GMOs is a huge threat to corporate agriculture, but a basic right for consumers. The Yes on Prop 37 campaign is still looking for people to phone bank and help in the final days. To get involved, click here.

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