Two Action Alerts About Clean Water

Here are two action alerts requesting your support for clean water.

1. The U.S. House of Representatives is considering new legislation (H.R. 2018) that would eliminate the power of the Environmental Protection Agency to oversee state water quality standards. States would no longer be held to national clean water standards, allowing them to pass weaker regulations on pollution sources like mountaintop removal mining, sewage treatment plants, industrial facilities and many others. Please take action to help defeat this bill – complete this form to urge your U.S. Representative to stand up for the Clean Water Act and vote no on H.R. 2018.

2. High Pressure Hydraulic Fracturing (“fracking”) is a dangerous method of drilling for oil and gas that is responsible for contaminating water across the country and is underway in California’s huge Monterey Shale formation. Astonishingly, thanks to the work of Dick Cheney and his secretive, industry-friendly 2005 energy policy, fracking has been exempted from EPA regulation, and as such, companies can largely conceal the long list of chemicals they pump deep underground, through our water table.

A vital new state law would change that, and set the strongest standards in the nation for fracking chemical disclosure. The bill, AB 591, has passed the Assembly, and is now in the State Senate, where the oil and gas industry’s numerous allies are working to stop it. Read more and support AB 591 here.

[Photo by Allan Foster]

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