Transition Berkeley Presents: Money, Banking and Investing for Transition, Tuesday, 12/11/12

On our blog this week, we shared how the Ecology Center moved our money out of big banks. It’s an important conversation not just for organizations, but businesses, individuals and families. Our friends at Transition Berkeley are putting together a free event this Tuesday, from 7-9 PM for those who want to learn more about alternatives to big banks. Read on for the event description.

In the face of increasing economic and financial instability, it is important to understand how the money and banking systems operate and how they affect our communities and livelihoods. Marco Vangelisti, founding member of Slow Money Northern California, will help us explore ways in which the money and banking systems can change and need to shift if we want to build a more resilient and equitable local economy. We will look at how communities around the country are experimenting with new ways of mediating economic exchanges and the efforts underway to democratize and relocalize banking, credit, and investing.
In this informative and dynamic workshop, we will:

  • Learn what is money, how it is created and how its design affects our economic prospects and the way we interact with each other.
  • Learn how investments shape our reality and what we need to do to have a voice in deciding the world we will be living in.
  • Explore ways to re-localize and democratize the economy, our means of exchange and investments (including lending & investing, preference purchasing, benefit corporations, worker-owned cooperatives, currencies and time banks).
  • Apply what we learn to create action plans.

[Photo by 401(K) 2012]

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