Transition Berkeley is 2 Years Old! Come Celebrate Thursday, 3/28/13

Would you like to help Berkeley become a more sustainable, resilient and healthy community?
Join Transition Berkeley in a fun, interactive and inspirational evening as we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary! Come and learn more about the fast growing Transition Movement, which looks at ways that our community can work together and build resilience through practical projects and education. Share how you were inspired by the activities from the past year, (whether it was the swaps, bike rides, panels on alternative economies and urban agriculture, participating in Berkeley’s Climate Action Coalition etc.). Help create the year ahead and find out ways YOU can get involved. Read on for more details.

  • Break bread and connect with your community.
  • Learn about the Transition Movement.
  • Share inspiration, successes and your vision.
  • Plug-in and get involved in our projects or launch your own!
  • Bring your friends and neighbors!

Bring a delicious dish to share with a serving utensil, Thursday, March 28th from 7 to 9 PM at the Ecology Center. Donations are accepted to support the work of Transition Berkeley.

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