This Summer, Go Plastic Bottle Free When You Head Outdoors

20130716bottlevideoPlanning a trip to the beach or Yosemite this summer? Keep the focus on enjoying these outdoor treasures – not polluting them – and take the pledge to ditch plastic bottled water by drinking tap water from refillable bottles instead. But even if you remember to plan ahead, bottled water is still readily available to other park visitors. Companies like Coca-Cola make a huge profit by selling bottled water at concession stands inside our national parks. They’ve made it difficult for parks to move away from plastic bottled water by requiring expensive, time-consuming studies. It’s a huge waste, to the tune of 20 billion barrels of oil that go into making plastic water bottles Americans throw away each year, and it pollutes the very places the national park system was set up to protect. 14 National Parks, including hot and thirsty Zion and the Grand Canyon, have proven it’s possible to eliminate bottled water and reduce waste and pollution in the park. Do you think every national park should have refilling stations instead of bottled water for sale, to better conserve and protect our natural resources? Join the Story of Stuff in sending a message to National Park Service director Jon Jarvis to make the parks bottled-water free! Spread the word by sharing their video:

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