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20140522ab2145Thursday, May 22nd is Save Community Choice Energy Call-Your-Rep Day! This is a day of action to defeat a proposed state law, AB 2145, which we’ve been following this spring. The bill is losing steam, but we need you to flex your citizen muscles to stop it once and for all today!

AB 2145 would destroy Community Choice energy in California. Community Choice energy programs work like this: they bundle together the buying power of local residents and businesses and use it to buy electricity and to provide customers with energy efficiency products and service. These programs can purchase renewable energy on the market or develop new local resources and are a highly effective means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Here in the East Bay, efforts are well underway to establish a Community Choice energy program for Alameda County and its municipalities. Richmond has already joined Marin Clean Energy, whose customers enjoy affordable, clean energy and a chance to get out from under PG&E’s monopoly.

AB 2145 was introduced by Steve Bradford, an Assembly member with deep ties to the monopoly utility industry. If enacted, AB 2145 will destroy the future of Community Choice in California. Please call your Assembly member ASAP as a vote could occur at any time before May 30th.

You can look up your Assesmbly member’s name and phone number here. Here’s a script you can use for your call:

Hi my name is ________ and I’m calling to urge Assemblymember _______ to vote No on AB 2145.

AB 2145 would destroy the future of Community Choice energy in California. Community Choice energy programs can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create local jobs and other economic benefits.

Communities in more than a dozen counties all over the state are seriously considering Community Choice. None of these efforts will continue if AB 2145 is enacted.

You can learn more about efforts to defeat AB 2145 at no2145.org. To learn more about Community Choice energy efforts in Berkeley and Alameda County, visit the page of Berkeley Climate Action Coalition’s Community Choice Energy working group. Thanks for taking action for a clean energy future!

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