Success! California Assembly Approves AB 1321

20150310ab1321Update: AB 1321 was approved by the Assembly on Wednesday, June 3, with strong bipartisan support in a vote of 61 to 16! Thank you to all who advocated and contacted Assemblymembers to secure this important step. It is currently being held in the Conference Budget Committee, which is holding this item until Monday. If it get’s approved by that committee, it will go to the state senate, in a good position because of such a strong vote in the Assembly.

Take Action:

Call members of the Conference Committee to keep this item in the budget. Members include:
Senator Kevin de León, Pro Tem (SD 24) 916 651-4024
Assemblymember Toni Atkins, Speaker (AD 78) 916 319-2078
Senator Mark Leno, Senate Budget Committee, Chair (SD 11) 916 651-4011
Assemblymember Shirley Weber, Vice Chair, (AD 79) 916 651-2079

Here’s a brief suggested statement:
“Hi, my name is (______) and I live in/work at (______). I’m calling to let Assemblymember/Senator (______) know that I support the Nutrition Incentives Matching Grant Program budget proposal for $2.5 million this budget year because it doubles the value of nutrition benefits (e.g. CalFresh) when spent on healthy fruits and veggies with the support of federal matching dollars, creating a healthier California and supporting specialty crop farmers during this historic drought. I know this item has been kept open and respectfully ask the Budget Conference Committee to retain this CDFA item in the budget. Please support this modest $2.5 million appropriation for nutrition incentives. Thank you for your time.”

Here’s why we need to pass AB 1321:

AB 1321 would create a state fund of $2.5 million for a proven, effective healthy food incentive program, Market Match. The program works by doubling the amount CalFresh (food stamp) recipients receive when they buy California-grown fruits and vegetables. Families get more healthy food on the table. Farmers and small businesses sell more produce. Urban and agricultural communities see economic growth. Everybody wins.

AB 1321 is a modest budget investment with great benefits, and it would be matched by federal funding specifically for these types of programs. That means our state would have $5 million available for this program. California will not get any of this funding, unless it passes AB 1321.

We’ll keep posting updates on AB 1321, thank you for taking action!

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