Solidarity Statement with Occupy Wall Street Movement

The Ecology Center would like to express our solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in the East Bay, San Francisco, Oakland, and elsewhere across the United States and the world. We join with the 99% in seeking solutions to end structural inequalities in our economic system that bar a large number of our fellow citizens from access to healthy food, clean, safe neighborhoods, and the chance to earn a living to support themselves and their families.

We protest our government’s unconditional bailout of the banks and Wall Street firms that created a financial crisis from which these same entities continue to profit at the expense of hard-working citizens who make up the 99%. These banks and Wall Street Firms continue to conduct “business as usual” using the same greed-motivated practices that brought our economic system to the brink. As part of the 99%, we find this situation intolerable and firmly believe that these practices must be stopped as they pose a continuing threat to the well-being of our earth, our citizens, and our country.

We join Occupy Wall Street in calling for urgent action to increase employment opportunities and create better living circumstances for the 99% by requiring the wealthy and large, multi-national corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, to invest in programs that create jobs, help stabilize and support healthy communities, and demonstrate respect and care for our earth.

We welcome and will continue to endorse this peaceful and democratic expression of the people’s will and share in the hope that it will bring about transformative change for the future of our children, our country, the world, and our planet.


The Ecology Center

[Photo by Beck Cowles]

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