Solano Strollers get first peek at new recycling carts!

As the roll-out date of the new recycling carts nears, Ecology Center staff are working to get the public ready. We had a great day at Solano Stroll this past weekend, getting the word out with a live demo of how the cart works. Our hands-on recycling quiz reinforced how to separate cans and bottles from paper and cardboard, and tested people’s knowledge of what is and isn’t recyclable. Overall, the response was fantastic. People are very excited about the new cart and how much easier recycling will become. Our youth outreach workers Dijonnae Hopkins and Raheem Hill engaged strollers with the display cart and recycling challenge.

Some people were surprised, as they had seen the article in the City Manager’s annual report and thought the carts were much smaller. The carts are 64 gallons and hold about 4 times as many recyclables as the current blue bins. They are divided so that paper and cardboard can still be effectively separated from cans and bottles. They have wheels that make them easy to maneuver and bring to the curb, and lids that will reduce litter and keep the materials dry in the rain. The carts are rolled from the curb to the truck by an Ecology Center driver or loader and lifted by a hydraulic tipper on the side of the truck. The materials remain separated in two side-by-side compartments in the truck body and are delivered to the recycling facility at 2nd and Gilman for further sorting and processing. We expect the carts to increase recycling in Berkeley. They are one more step toward reaching our Zero Waste and Climate Action goals.

Delivery of the carts will begin the second week of October. Every residence should be reached by Thanksgiving.

Thanks to City staff and Council for making this next step possible!

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