Scion Exchange with California Rare Fruit Growers, this Saturday 1/21/12

Nope, it’s not a sci-fi convention: a scion exchange is a great place to learn about rare fruits, a very delicious part of our local food supply. A scion is the new growth of a fruit tree that can be cut and grafted onto another rootstock, so gardeners trade these twigs to expand the variety of their future fruit harvest. This event is open to beginners who are ready to learn about growing fruit trees, or for practiced grafters to mingle and add new varieties to their gardens. For more information, and links about this tasty trade, read on…

The exchange will be this Saturday, 1/21/12, from 12-3pm.
Find the best varieties for growing your own fruit; discover local favorites and near-forgotten heirlooms.

* Hundreds of varieties of budwood for grafting: apple, pear, quince, plum, peach, nectarine, apricot, cherry, and more.
* Cuttings to root: grape, fig, pomegranate, kiwi fruit, mulberry, and more.
* Rootstocks and grafting supplies.
* Grafting class and demo at 12:15pm and 1pm.
* Custom and assisted grafting of your selected variety onto a rootstock.
* Plant drawing; silent auction.
* Questions answered, secrets revealed, beginners welcome.
* Bring your list of desired varieties, plastic bags, a pen, and tape to label the scions you take home.

For a more detailed explanation about what to expect at the scion exchange, click here.
For the main event info page, click here.

[Photo by Hayes Valley Farm]

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