This Saturday: Mexico’s Soda Tax with Raj Patel, 9/27/14

20140911mexsodaA year ago, Mexico was the first in the world to pass a national soda tax, to combat the world’s highest obesity rate. Early results show that the tax has effectively reduced sales of soda by 10%. What can we learn from our neighbor about protecting our kids’ health? Is Mexico’s effort to curb excess sugar consumption possible in the US? Academic, journalist, and writer Raj Patel will be joined by Mexican public health leaders to discuss their hard-won campaign. Join us at First Congregational Church in Berkeley, Saturday, September 27th.


  • Raj Patel, Award-winning Writer, Activist, and Academic
  • Rebecca L. Berner, Director, El Poder del Consumidor
  • Simon Barquera, MD, PhD, Mexican National Institute of Public Health

Click here for more details about this event, and the full line up for Soda: the Series.

[Photo credit: Hernán García Crespo on Flickr]

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