REUSE! Shop the Bear-ly Used Bazaar this Saturday

Every fall, a tide of UC students flow in to Berkeley, and every spring, the tide flows out, leaving lots of lightly used furniture. In years past, a lot of furniture was piled up on curbs and went to waste, but this year promises to be different. We are very excited to announce the Bear-ly Used Bazaar, a new community re-sale event that which will take place adjacent to the Berkeley Farmers’ Market this Saturday in Civic Center Park. Bear-ly Used is a new service that allows Cal student to donate their reusable furniture and appliances as they move out of their residences. The student-run program has been coordinating pick-ups and storage for reusable items in order to sell them at steep discounts back to the wider Berkeley community. Come peruse the treasure on Saturday. Let’s make sure that nothing like this happens to perfectly good furniture or appliances. For more information about the Bear-ly Used program, visit the Cal Move-Out website. Unsold items will be donated to local charitable organizations.

[Photo by With Associates]

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