Reel to Real Film Series: Lunch Love Community, 5/7/14

20140502lunchloveJoin the film makers of Lunch Love Community and a special panel of guests for documentary short stories and lively interactive discussion about Berkeley leading the nation with food reform and food justice in our schools and neighborhoods. We’re proud that two current and former Farm Fresh Choice staff will be participating on the panel. 

Expanding the boundaries of documentary, Lunch Love Community is an open space documentary project, offering a mosaic-like suite of short films to watch and share in an evolving media “open space.” It integrates social media, shareable films, tools and resources for users of all kinds: parents, educators, food professionals, nutrition advocates and policy makers. This is a true story of how farsighted and dedicated individuals unite to change how children eat, how they learn in school, and how to restore healthy food systems in a climate-changing world.

What happens when a community, in the name of their children’s health and well-being, moves from anger to action to transform their neglected school lunch program? Since the 1990s, a diverse group of Berkeley, California parents decided to change the system because it wasn’t working for children. They’ve gotten kids into the gardens and into the kitchens. They’ve changed the school food, and they’re making education and nutrition policy history.

Helen Demichiel, director of the film will lead a discussion with the following panel:

  • Adam Berman from Urban Adamah an educational farm and community center
  • Rivka Mason, a gardener and founding teacher of the gardening program at Malcolm X Elementary School
  • David McClellan, the Farm Fresh Choice Manager for The Ecology Center
  • Johnathan Hill, an Outreach Specialist for Lifelong Medical Care
  • Charlotte Biltekoff, a Ph.D. Associate Professor at UC Davis and author of Eating Right in America: The Cultural Politics of Food and Health

Click here for more details about about the event, and to get tickets. Or, show your support and invite your friends on the Facebook event page.

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