Recycling and Composting Our Way to Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions

20140114wasteclimate$30 million of California’s cap-and-trade funds will be invested in recycling, composting, bio-fuels from agricultural waste and recycled content manufacturing in our state, announced Californians Against Waste last week. Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to fund this type of infrastructure will help shift waste away from landfills, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, Californians will have new, green economy jobs, environmental benefits from re-use, and expansion of commercial composting and recycling capacities. Read the full press release from Californians Against Waste here. Linking investment in recycling and reuse infrastructure to our climate goals makes good sense. We need more investment to re-build infrastructure and manufacturing for domestic recycling markets. This is a great win!

[photo by johnlegear on Flickr]

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