Re-Imagining Water with James Rojas of PLACE IT!

20160318waterMeditation centers. Daylighted creeks. Purple pipes flowing with clean, free water. Trees, wildlife, fish, and a bird island. Pedestrian and bicycle bridges. Green roofs. Greywater systems. Permeable surfaces. Drinking fountains (to encourage drinking water, not soda). Tiny houses. Solar panels. What do these concepts have in common?

These are just some of the solutions that members of the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition created from found objects as we designed water-wise communities at the Re-Imagining Water Convening on March 16th.

James Rojas, urban planner, community activist, and artist behind PLACE IT!, inspired and led our creative endeavors. James has developed an innovative public-engagement and community-visioning method that uses art-making to inspire people from all walks to participate in city planning. He has led thousands of people in hundreds of workshops all over the world, empowering the public on issues such as transportation, housing, open space, and health. Thank you, James for coming to Berkeley to re-imagine water with us!

Want to help make these water-wise visions a reality? Join the Water Working Group – participants take on projects for water use that will help the City of Berkeley meet its climate goals, and be prepared for future water needs. Email to get involved.

[Photo courtesy of James Rojas]

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One thought on “Re-Imagining Water with James Rojas of PLACE IT!

  1. I believe the only way we will save the environment is by us abandoning our cars and computers but this is not going to happen. The next best thing is to remind us the important role nature played in shaping our childhoods. By reliving these childhood memories we can once again appreciate the beauty, curiosity, complexity, and power of nature.

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