Preservation Demo of Smoothies, Syrups and Shrubs, at Tuesday Farmers’ Market, 6/24/14

20140616shakirahWe’re hosting a series of food preservation demos at the Farmers’ Market, to share skills on preserving the summer abundance. Buying produce at the peak of the season means you get the best flavor and value, and with some simple techniques you can extend the shelf life to enjoy them (and share them) for longer. Up first, at the Tuesday South Berkeley Farmers’ Market, from 3-6 PM on June 24th, learn to make summer beverages year-round through simple methods of canning and vacuum-sealing. Teacher Shakirah Simley is a Canner-in-Residence at Bi-Rite Market in SF and preserving instructor at 18 Reasons. Free tastings, prizes, coupons, and giveaways at the demo for participants to take home their own bounty and get started. This is a free event, come get fruity with us! Click here for more details.

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