Panel and Farm Tour: Two Upcoming Events Tap into Drought, Climate and Food Systems

20140516droughtThe worst of the drought is looming for farmers. Consumers nationwide may get hit with rising food prices through the summer. Yet the impacts of the drought may go far beyond this summer: our local food system is adapting to a future with a volatile climate. We have two back to back events that will explore our food security and resilience from our current moment in the depth of the drought.

The first is an evening panel discussion, coming Tuesday, May 27th. At “Empty Reservoirs, Fallow Fields” a line up of climate and food systems panelists will discuss the challenges drought and climate change are bringing, including rising food prices and loss of agricultural jobs. The panel will also discuss creative models for future resilience.

Then, we’re tapping our experts in the field for a farm tour on Sunday, June 8th. “Year of the Drought” will include Flatland Flower Farm with apple orchards and greenhouse nursery starts, Quetzal Farm with row crops including dry-farmed tomatoes, and Weirauch Farm, with sheep pastureland and creamer​y​. At all three of these farms, we’ll be hearing how the farmers have adapted to this drought year, and what plans they are making to ensure their farms thrive through future climate-related challenges. This special tour is for Ecology Center members. Sign up for a membership here, and the tour is included along with a full year of other member benefits.

[Photo credit: CIAT on Flickr]

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