Our Guide to Greywater Cleaning Products Picked Up by Sunset Magazine’s Blog

20150410greywaterOne good thing about the drought: people are getting serious about conserving water. Greywater, a method of reusing water from laundry, shower, or bathroom sinks for garden irrigation, is getting a well-deserved closer look. Our events on the topic have brought full crowds, and just this week, multiple reporters have been contacting us to run stories on this type of resource. Adding to that, we were excited to see a post on Sunset Magazine’s blog, Westphoria, that focused on the basics of greywater. They included our handy fact sheet that identifies the best detergents and soaps for greywater systems. Check out the post here.

For more greywater resources or recommendations, come visit us, or feel free to contact our staff: 510-548-2220 x233, erc@ecologycenter.org. “Greywater Compatible Cleaning Products” is one among many free, downloadable fact sheets we have created to help people adopt healthier, more environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives. Check out the rest of them here.

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3 thoughts on “Our Guide to Greywater Cleaning Products Picked Up by Sunset Magazine’s Blog

  1. I can’t find your list of grey water cleaning products. Your website refers to an article in Sunset Magazine and the article refers to your website. I specifically need recommendations for laundry detergent. I bought Ecos but it has sodium in it. I bought the Trader Joe’s brand but it isn’t getting my clothes clean. Please send me your list. Thanks.

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