New California Law Elevates Farmers’ Markets – Part of Behind-the-Scenes Work of the Ecology Center

20141023ab1871The Ecology Center’s weekly farmers’ markets are how we got our start building an alternative food system. Recently, our work in that realm has expanded, but less visibly to our local supporters and farmers’ market customers. That’s because we’re working behind the scenes statewide with other farmers’ market managers and partners, to replicate programs that work, create tools and resources to share, and advocate for farmers’ markets as key to local food systems.

A big, recent initiative in this work is hosting the California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets. The Alliance is a newly formed coalition, dedicated to promoting the direct farmer-to-consumer relationship, increasing the integrity and securing the future of Certified Farmers’ Markets throughout California. Alliance members were actively involved in the development of the most important law to affect farmers’ markets since they were authorized in California in 1977.

The successful passage of AB 1871 has put California farmers’ markets in the news. State, national, and even international news outlets have reported on the topic, drawing attention to our work. Today, we’re sharing an op-ed by our Food & Farming Director Ben Feldman on the new law, which includes helpful tips for how farmers’ market customers can be active participants in ensuring direct farmer-to-consumer, local food systems thrive. Check it out on SF Chronicle’s website.

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