Movement Builders and Shakers Forum: The Clean Air Act and Global Warming

Join us this Wednesday, June 22 for the launch of a quarterly forum on political action, campaigns worth knowing about, and how you can plug in. We begin with a lively discussion with the Center for Biological Diversity on the Clean Air Act, our best hope against climate change. Signed into law by Richard Nixon in 1970, the Clean Air Act has protected the air we breathe for four decades. It is the United States’ most important and successful law for controlling air pollution and, if used effectively, could reduce greenhouse gases to 350 parts per million, the level determined safe by climate scientists. The Obama administration began to use the Clean Air Act to limit carbon dioxide emissions this year, but immediately faced a multitude of attacks in Congress. Come learn about how the Clean Air Act works, the threats it faces, and how we can use it to protect our planet and our future. Following a presentation, we’ll engage in discussion around questions such as: How can we successfully compel government to use existing laws or tools effectively? How can we push for aggressive climate policy in the face of budget cuts and political resistance? Click here for event details.

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