Mindful Activism and Communication Event, Sunday 7/29/12

Stuart Moody and Green Sangha are presenting this upcoming workshop all about effective communication. This is a great, widely applicable skill that is critical for effecting change. At the Ecology Center, one of our goals as an organization is to cultivate leadership within the environmental and social justice issues we work on- so we hope you will come and build skills to work with us! Full event description follows, or check out the EcoCalendar listing here.
“You may be writing letters to Congress and the EPA, organizing an action group, setting up a green committee at your work place, or leading a large organization. This workshop is open to all and geared towards those wanting to build skills for more effective advocacy such as delivering public comment, and using it for op eds and effective letters. Eco-activists, neighborhood organizers, and everyone wanting to improve communication skills are encouraged to attend. This workshop will give you practical tools on:

  • Effective presentation
  • Five parts to a two-minute speech to inform and inspire
  • The Magic Formula for getting action
  • Leading by listening
  • Using your curiosity to build friendship and understanding
  • Responding with empathy
  • Summarizing for results

Presented by Stuart Moody and Green Sangha. Green Sangha is a local, grassroots group dedicated to restoring our sense of oneness – healing the earth and our communities through mindful practice and awakened action. www.greensangha.org”

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