Listen Now: Audio Recording from Panel Event “Plastics: The Rising Tide”

20160802plasticsrisingtideWe recently hosted a panel event as part of Plastic-Free July to bring together knowledgable advocates to discuss big issues of plastic pollution, recycling, and solutions. This event’s point of departure: worldwide consumption of plastic continues to rise and our strategies for dealing with plastic waste are simply not keeping up. The panel of experts discussed social justice aspects of waste, the polluting plastic microbeads from cosmetics and microfibers that are washing out of our clothing, and the collapse of plastics recycling. They also got to a few solutions that can turn the tide. We recorded audio from the event so you can listen to these experts and follow along with the PDF of their presentations. We hope you dig in!


Martin Bourque, Ecology Center
Christie Keith, GAIA
Stiv Wilson, Story of Stuff
Susan Collins, Container Recycling Institute

The audio recording and presentations from the event are below:


Here are the recording time stamps for the beginning of each panelists’ presentation:
– Martin Bourque (introduction)
– Stiv Wilson 13:35
– Christie Keith 37:30
– Susan Collins 56:00
– Q & A 1:18:10

Click here to open PDF of presentations in a new window. Presentations have been combined into a single PDF, in the order they were presented at the event, starting with Stiv Wilson.

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