Learn About Deep Energy Retrofits, 6/28/13

20130625greenedhouseOur homes make up a large fraction of our energy needs (and bills) largely due to heating and air-conditioning. A Deep Energy Retrofit is a home makeover oriented toward energy efficiency, and can slash your energy bills by 50%-90%! The result? You save money, of course, but you also make your older home a more comfortable and healthier place to live. At the same time, Deep Energy Retrofits have a positive effect on the wider problems of our economy, environment, and energy security.

Jeff Wilson is the author of “The Greened House Effect,” and HGTV and DIY network host. He will be at the Ecology Center this Friday, leading a presentation on how his family completed a Deep Energy Retrofit on their 70 year old home and reduced their energy bills by 85%, bringing their old, drafty home into the 21st century. Topics will include testing the energy efficiency of your home, building codes and regulations, how to finance or pay for a Deep Energy Retrofit, and renewable energy systems that complement a Deep Energy Retrofit.

Co-sponsored by Transition Berkeley. Copies of the book will be available to purchase. Join this free event, Friday, June 28th from 7 to 9 PM. For more details, click here.

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