Last Chance to Save Community Clean Energy in California

20140813no2145We’ve been tracking AB 2145, the proposed bill that threatens community choice clean energy programs. The grassroots effort to stop this bill is coming to a head tomorrow, when it will either move for a vote on the Senate floor, or remain in the Senate Appropriations Suspense File – essentially killing it. You can help stop AB 2145! Read this update and message from Bay Localize, and check out their short, animated video about why this bill should be stopped.

This summer, California’s big utilities have been working to kill community-based clean energy competition to their dirty energy corporate monopolies.

If passed, AB 2145, the “Utility Monopoly Power Grab,” would kill democratically-controlled, not-for-profit Community Choice clean energy programs and the possibility of creating tens of thousands of good, clean energy jobs across California.

It would also cost the state millions of dollars at a time when our schools, parks and social services are suffering, which is why even the Department of Finance has opposed the bill.

Thanks to grassroots community pressure, hundreds of phone calls, and nearly 30,000 petition signatures, AB 2145 was put in the “Suspense File” by the Senate Appropriations Committee at last Monday’s hearing.

The fight over California’s energy future is not over yet. We need your help to kill this terrible bill for good! The Senate Appropriations Committee has until this Thursday, August 14th, to decide whether to keep AB 2145 in the Suspense File, essentially killing the bill, or to pass it on to the full Senate floor.

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