Kid’s Day at the Albany Farmers’ Market, 7/31/13

20130727kidsdayWe’re bringing a new event to the Albany Farmers’ Market next Wednesday! Kid’s Day at the Albany Farmers’ Market will bring a multitude of free fun activities for kids and their families. There will be a free bouncy house, free music, free face painting, free hands-on activities, free library, and more!

Face painter extraordinaire Dede Bostian will be filling in cheeks and noses with a steady hand. Albany school teachers and accomplished musicians Michael DeWall and Peter Elman have teamed up to create a kids book and accompanying CD, Seasons, Rhymes in Time. They will be sharing their music, their book, and hands-on activities. Green Branch Library for Young Change-Makers will bring a reading room to the farmers’ market. They provide exciting and relevant books so kids stay engaged in their communities, do better in school, and become stronger leaders for the causes they believe in. Green Branch is a welcoming space that supports kids of all ages in their community activism. There will also be a bouncy house! Come join the free fun, this Wednesday, July 31st from 3 – 7 PM. For more details, click here.

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