Join us for the Ecology Center’s Regenerating Solutions Salon 11/30/10

The Bay Area environmental scene is rich with opportunities to volunteer, take action, and get politically engaged. What’s missing? A time and space for talking with others in the community about questions, issues, and challenges that come up when engaging in environmental advocacy and personal action.

The Ecology Center’s Regenerating Solutions Salon addresses these questions and others through lightly-facilitated discussions touching on a variety of topics. Salons are open to anyone interested!

On Tuesday, November 30 we’ll discuss how to engage others in action, including: How do you encourage people in your life to take environmental action? How do you talk with your sister about bringing her own cup to the coffee shop or get your neighbors excited about creating a community garden together? How do you handle the disappointment and frustration that comes when family, friends, coworkers, or others seem indifferent or resistant to change?

Come join us for this free event, facilitated by Renée Soule. Click here for details.

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