Join the Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference via Webcast, 3/5/15

20150218cleanpowerThe annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference is the premier gathering in the Bay Area of clean energy advocates, devoted to bringing the benefits of local renewable power to our communities, and it’s coming up on March 5th.

Organized by the Local Clean Energy Alliance, this year’s conference will be nationally webcast on the Youtube Live platform. It will include participants from around the country speaking on the importance of democratizing energy as a key aspect of addressing climate change. Please see the conference agenda and the video below for what the conference will bring participants.

Registration is now open for this national webcast, at a low cost of $10 for the whole day. In-person registration is also available for people in the Bay Area.

The conference is a diverse gathering of policy makers, community advocates, labor, and entrepreneurs engaged in a thoughtful and inspiring exploration of strategies and programs for advancing the development of locally-controlled clean energy economies as a necessary path to a sustainable future.

This year’s conference will be keynoted by two inspiring women leaders:

  • Nikki Silvestri, recent Executive Director of Green For All
    How is community-based, decentralized energy key to community empowerment and building healthy, equitable and sustainable communities?
  • Denise Fairchild, President & CEO of Emerald Cities Collaborative
    What will it take to build a movement to democratize energy in the U.S?

Members of the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition’s Community Choice Energy working group will be participating in one of the panels, and the Ecology Center is a proud co-sponsor of this conference. Join us there – register today!

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