How to Take Action for Our Environment this Earth Day

20130410earthdayGet back to the roots of Earth Day by taking action! Accessible open space and healthy waterways are the result of hard earned victories by past environmental leaders. Tending them together is a great way to honor their work and commitment. A class or clean up can shed new light on sustainable living strategies, and bring you elbow to elbow with other like-minded participants. Read on for a selection of Berkeley Earth Days events that engage you in preserving and sharing the good things we’ve got.

Saturday, 4/13/13: Introduction to Seed Saving
Are you interested in growing locally adapted crops, lessening your dependence on commercial seed companies, & preserving agro-biological diversity? This presentation will discuss the fundamentals of seed saving of common vegetable families. Open pollinated seeds will be available for participants.

Saturday, 4/20/13: Earth Day Shoreline Cleanup
Come lend a hand! The day will start with a presentation on how to do the clean-up and the Synthetic Seas video about the global impact plastic is having on our oceans and waterways. Then head out in teams to take action to keep litter out of the bay!

Saturday, 4/20/13: Berkeley Path Wanderers Earth Day Walk
Add some extra purpose to your weekend walk! Bring along a bag and we will celebrate Earth Day by integrating a little light trash pick up as we head out from Live Oak Park and onto some of our favorite North Berkeley Paths.

Saturday, 4/20/13: Energy Efficiency 101 For Homeowners
A free workshop presented by Rising Sun Energy Center where you can learn how to make your home safer for your family, increase your comfort and reduce your bills.

As conveners of the 2013 Berkeley Earth Days celebration, we chose the theme “Educate • Inspire • Act.” This theme draws on the original Earth Day celebration in 1970, when 20 million Americans participated in a nationwide day of learning and actions. This year, Berkeley Earth Days will be accessible to a wide range of people by having different events on different days and locations across the city. We are excited by the range and depth of events offered, including events highlighted here that focus on clean up and environmental action events. For the full lineup of events, go to

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