How to Recycle Election Yard Signs in Berkeley

As we end this election cycle, Help Desk has provided another resource on recycling your campaign yard signs. Want a written description? Check out campaign yard signs on Resourceful, our digital sorting resource.

Not mentioned in this video is how to sort your paperboard signs with wooden stakes. Paperboard can be placed on the paper side of your recycling cart. For the wooden stake, clean, natural (unpainted/untreated) wood can go in the green compost cart. Painted, stained, or treated wood, along with plywood or pressboard, must NOT be composted (paints and synthetic glues or adhesives will not compost). Consider using your wooden stand as a plant marker in your garden. 

Check-out these corrugated plastic reuse ideas: 

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2 thoughts on “How to Recycle Election Yard Signs in Berkeley

  1. speaker spoke at very low volume very rapidly – .
    To do any project with the plastic sign, – suggest how I get it off the wire. I haven’t tried yet. Do I just cut it off – as with a scissors?
    garbage/waste/compost care needs to get paid at highest engineers’ pay level.
    actually, we need to work to get to ‘all work/jobs = all work/jobs’ .
    Along with that is Fidel’s requirement ‘we all eat the same’.
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    • Hi Norma, sorry that you weren’t able to hear the narration clearly. We appreciate the feedback.

      It generally doesn’t take scissors to remove the wire stand, the plastic or paperboard should simply slide off when pulled.

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Help Desk (510) 548 2220 x233 or

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