Householder’s Guide to the Universe: Author Event 11/11/10

Come hear author Harriet Fasenfest talk about her new book at the Ecology Center on Thursday, November 11, from 7-9. Here’s a short blurb introducing her book:

“In an era when go local, organic food, and sustainability are on the tip of everyone’s tongues, Harriet Fasenfest’s A Householder’s Guide to the Universe takes up the banner of progressive homemaking and urban farming as a way to confront the political, social, and environmental issues facing our world today. Offering grass-roots practical advice on how to shop, garden, run a household, preserve and cook food, and more, Fasenfest also discusses the philosophy of householding.

“In A Householder’s Guide to the Universe, which is organized according to season and presented in monthly installments, Fasenfest invites the reader into her home, garden, and kitchen to consider concrete tools for change. Streetwise and poetic, fierce and romantic, the book provides not only a way out of our current economic and environmental logjam but also a readable and often funny analysis of how we got there.”

Hope you can come!

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