Help us raise $5k between now and 12/31!

The Oram Foundation, also known as the Fund for the Environment and Urban Life, has offered the Ecology Center a matching year-end grant of $5000, contingent on whether we are able to raise $5000 from our members and supporters this December.

Please donate to the Ecology Center today!

Every dollar that we receive between now and December 31 is doubled by this matching grant, up to $5000.

We have very ambitious goals slated for 2012, and we need funding! Here are some of the projects that we will be undertaking next year:
*For the last 3 years we have piloted and developed Climate Change Action Groups that have stopped millions of pounds of local greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere. Thanks to our partnership with Transition US, our Climate Change Action Groups will be launched in towns across the country.
*We are working to convene a Climate Coalition to move forward on the implementation of the Berkeley Climate Action Plan — one of the most aggressive Climate Plans in the world. But plans are only as good as their implementation, and the Ecology Center needs your financial help to catalyze the community and take Berkeley’s Climate Action Plan from paper to reality.
*Last year we re-convened the Berkeley Food Policy Council to promote community solutions to food, farming, hunger, and health challenges in a coherent way across sectors. Policymakers are listening, and with your help, we can gain greater influence in food and health policy by creating a state-level coalition of food policy councils and a statewide coalition of farmers’ markets.
*We were the first group to find a way to allow eligible shoppers use their benefits at farmers’ markets when the state moved from food stamps to electronic benefits cards. This is a vital means of support for the farmers, and healthy food for the shoppers. We continue to expand this effort by helping markets across the state to accept EBT, and by building programs such as “Veggie Rx,” which allows doctors to write prescriptions that can be redeemed for free produce at one of our Farmers’ Markets. With your help, we can pilot Veggie Rx in the coming year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for your generosity and goodwill!
– The Ecology Center

p.s. It’s easy to donate online, but if you’d prefer not to, you can always send us a donation by mail: Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Suite H, Berkeley, CA 94702.

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