Go Bug-Free and Healthy with Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Bug Repellents

20130730bugs Staff at our Info Desk recommend the Environmental Working Group’s resources for providing accurate information on healthy choices for products and foods. EWG’s latest resource is a guide on bug repellents, to help adults, kids and pregnant women find the most effective and least toxic choice to avoid mosquitos and ticks. The first step for any bug hotspot is to cover up with long sleeves and pants. For those who need additional protection, click here to check out the full guide, with the four ingredients that are top picks from EWG’s scientists. If you are looking for a specific recommendation based on your needs and exposure type, check out further resources here. And, for those looking for a organic solution, the Ecology Center Store carries Greenerways Organic Bug Spray, which uses citronella, lemongrass and cedar oil as active ingredients, and comes in sizes convenient for air travel. Happy bite-free trails!

[Photo by Raymond Larose on Flickr]

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