Give Thanks for Farmers! Shop the Tuesday Farmers’ Market for your Holiday Meal

20161121fmapplesAt the Tuesday South Berkeley Farmers’ Market, you will find good food that’s been grown with care for your holiday meal. The supermarkets are usually insane this time of year. At our Farmers’ Markets you can find your staples and specialty food while walking around in the lovely fall light and crisp air, enjoying the colors in our market. As a reminder, Thursday’s North Berkeley Farmers’ Market will be closed to observe Thanksgiving, so this is also the chance for those in town to grab fresh ingredients to last until Saturday, when our Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market will be running.

Check out our Farmers’ Market managers top picks and dish ideas for this market, to bring something special to your holiday meals:

  • Puntarelle from Dirty Girl: try with a blended anchovy and olive oil dressing.
  • Japanese sweet potatoes from Solano Mushroom farm: split them in half, lightly salt and sprinkle with sesame oil, roast at 425 until slightly blackened.
  • Cauliflower from Swanton Berry Farm: instead of mashed potatoes, make a macrobiotic food known as “millet mashers,” mash half steamed cauliflower and half cooked millet.
  • Winter squash from Oya Organics is amazing right now.
  • Persimmons, pears, pomegranates, and more fall fruit from Frog Hollow and Kashiwase Farms.
  • Tomato sauces, canned tomatoes and many preserved tomato products from Gattonelli.
  • Corn flour, legumes and grains from Full Belly Farm.
  • Chickens and pork chops, ribs, roasts and sausage from Riverdog Farm.
  • Avalos has all the staples. Eating super healthy is delicious: steam their broccoli and add Frog Hollow olive oil and salt – easy and delectable.
  • For a pop of supernatural sweetness, try adding Flying Disc’s Mejool or Bahri dates to your hors d’oeurves or dessert.
  • Lucero still has sweet strawberries! Get them while you can.
  • Thanksgiving can also be a great time to experiment with new flavors, too. Lou Vue grows a wide variety of Asian specialty vegetables and herbs: try adding fresh ginger, hot peppers, bittermelon, or lemongrass to the mix this year!

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