Get Your School to Go Solar!

Tom Kelly from KyotoUSA has a great program available to local school districts: solar assessment and installation, through a statewide effort called the Helios Project. They already have a local success with their installation of a 100 kW photovoltaic system at Washington Elementary in Berkeley, an effort that leveraged rebates and State modernization funds to cover costs. All of the school’s energy needs are met by this system!

On November 9th we rolled out Solar Master Plans (SMPs) for Oakland, Berkeley, and West Contra Costa Unified School Districts. We encourage everyone who has an interest in reducing our schools’ energy costs and demonstrating to our children that we are taking the dangers of climate change seriously, to use the SMPs to help your school district begin acquiring their own renewable energy systems. The SMPs are available to download at our HELiOS Project website:
KyotoUSA is now offering to do work for all interested school districts in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano Counties. Districts will have all the information they need to know how much energy they are consuming, its cost, how much solar they can install and its estimated cost, how much of their electricity bills can be offset by the solar projects, and the amount of greenhouse gases that will be avoided.
If your district is located in one of the 3 East Bay counties mentioned above and has a real interest in participating – and there is no cost or obligation on the district’s part to do so – please have a representative from the district office contact me or provide me with their contact information and I will follow up.
-Tom Kelly
(510) 704-8628

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