Get the Low Down on Pee and Poo: Composting Toilet Event, 8/7/14

20140730composttoiletComposting toilets and urine reuse are drought-savvy practices that we don’t see many public examples of in the US. These systems can be sanitary and ecological, conserving drinkable water for uses other than flushing toilets. Get the low down on repurposing human waste at an evening presentation with Greywater Action, Thursday, August 7th. Learn about waterless composting toilets, reusing urine, and considerations for installing a system into your home. This presentation will cover homescale composting toilets from urban to rural applications, large scale systems, operation and maintenance needs, and common problems and solutions.

Learn about:

  • Types of composting toilets
  • Benefits of using urine as a fertilizer
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Common problems and solutions
  • System costs
  • Codes and regulations
  • Artistic toilet designs

Come join this event. Classes on this topic are harder to find, so don’t miss it! For more details, click here.

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