From Roof to Rain Barrel to Yard: Class with Kim Titus from Urban Farmer Store this Saturday, 2/21/15

20150217rainbarrel The current drought is caused by warmer temperatures due to climate change, but in 2015 so far, California has had average precipitation. The warming weather means more of it falls as rain, leading to diminishing snow pack to carry us through our dry summers. These type of conditions make capturing and making the most of available rain a high priority for this drought year, and for the future megadroughts that are likely in California.

This Saturday, February 21st from 1 – 3pm, we’re hosting a free class to learn how to capture water using rain barrels, a simple drought-ready resource for your home and yard. Kim Titus from The Urban Farmer Store will focus on the most common rain barrel collection and distribution methods. This presentation offers visuals along with technical descriptions to get you started planning a rain barrel collection, storage, and distribution system. Kim Titus will discuss selecting a storage barrel, including reuse and low-cost options, water use strategies for your yard, and sample calculations to figure how much water can be collected and how much an irrigated area needs. We will point you to additional resources like books, websites, and supplies that will help you gain confidence and go further.

This is a free class, everyone is welcome to attend. Click here for more details, we hope you drought-minded people will come with your questions!

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