From Earth Island Journal, Tempest in a Green Bin: Waste Less, Not Just Recycle More

20150806greenbinBeyond the bin, there’s a huge, global system of waste, transportation, processing, and recycling. It’s a big business in part because we’re generating so much material. As many local cities work toward ambitious zero waste goals, the volume of recycling and compost will go up. But what rate payers and cities pay for those services is also in flux. Oakland is currently dealing with a controversial rate hike for compost services, that has led some to react and say they’ll stop composting if it’s too expensive, taking Oakland in the wrong direction for zero waste. Earth Island Journal has published an article that offers insight into some of the factors that go into what we put in our bins, what we pay, how companies are profiting off of trash, and what solutions can untangle this huge waste heap. Ecology Center’s Martin Bourque and Amy Kiser were included as experts on the topic. Check it out here, and keep in mind the bottom line: reducing our waste is the best bet for keeping costs down, preventing pollution, and building a sustainable future.

[Photo credit: James Wang on Flickr]

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