Free Solar Assessments from SmartSolar

The sun is out! Think of all that clean, renewable energy you could be capturing with your roof…

“Announcing Free Solar Assessments and Residential Energy Audit Reimbursements offered by CESC’s SmartSolar Program!

SmartSolar is a free, non-profit solar education and advising program for East Bay residential and commercial PG&E customers provided by Community Energy Services Corporation (CESC) in partnership with East Bay Energy Watch.

SmartSolar’s independent and objective services are available at no cost to residential, commercial, municipal, non-profit, and multi-family property owners interested in determining their best options for solar and energy-efficient technologies. SmartSolar reviews a site’s energy usage history and provides a free solar analysis that highlights the most appropriate system size for a property, the available rebates, tax incentives, and credits to help offset system costs, and offers resources on local area vendors and potential financing opportunities.

SmartSolar emphasizes that property owners undertake energy efficiency measures before or in conjunction with solar installations. To assist with this, SmartSolar can offer a limited number of interested Alameda and Contra Costa County residents a Home Performance Audit Reimbursement of up to $200 alongside their SmartSolar Assessment. To qualify, clients must submit a SmartSolar Enrollment Form along with one year of energy usage history and complete an Energy Audit Reimbursement Application. Audits and improvements must be performed by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor selected from the Energy Upgrade California website.

Please note that SmartSolar does not recommend registered service providers nor guarantee their work. Services eligible for the reimbursement include the residential energy audit only; any audit fees over $200 must be paid by the customer. Funding is limited, and rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis through December 2012.

Interested individuals should contact the SmartSolar Program at (510) 981-7750 or to sign up for a free SmartSolar Assessment and to reserve the $200 Home Performance Audit Reimbursement.”

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