Food Politics: How Did Your Legislator Vote in 2013?

20140109foodpolicyCalifornians have a new tool to track what their legislators in Sacramento are doing for better, healthier food systems. The California Food Policy Council just released their report for 2013, tracking 10 of the most critical proposed food system-related bills. A quick scan shows how each legislator voted across the plank of food bills, increasing transparency for voters. This type of tracking also communicates to legislators and other policy makers that creating better food policy matters. California leads in agricultural production, but supportive food policies at the state-level are still developing. This report lays a policy frame to create more of the food system we want: one that is sustainable, healthy and equitable. Check out the 2013 Report here, and coverage of its release from the San Francisco Chronicle here.

[photo by aefitzhugh on flickr]

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One thought on “Food Politics: How Did Your Legislator Vote in 2013?

  1. It’s funny to read this blog post from last year because even this year those Legislators in office are still voting in a way that doesn’t support the local farmers.

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