Food Justice Conference this Weekend: Free Community Events

You have probably heard about the upcoming national food justice conference the next four days in Oakland. CFJC and the Local Host Committee believe that this event should not be exclusive and that local communities should have access and opportunity to be a part of the conference. There are a number of ways that local residents can participate for free. Below are more details on free public events such as the Food Justice Film Festival, Hunger Banquet, Food Sovereignty Fair, and 2 days of community workshops.

Food Justice Film Festival
Date: Friday, Nov. 4, 6:00-9:30pm
Location: Marriott (1001 Broadway, Oakland)
The Film Festival will feature documentary films about the food movement from California and around the world. Filmmakers will be on hand to introduce their films and answer questions.

Art Murmur
Date: Friday, Nov. 4, 6-9 pm
Location: Begins at Omirroo (14th and Franklin, Oakland)
Come experience the night life of Oakland! During Art Murmur, many galleries downtown are open to the public. Visit Omirroo, the designated conference home base for folks interested in food justice.

Hunger Banquet: An Interfaith Call to Action
Date: Sunday, Nov. 6, 12:30-2pm
Location: First Unitarian Church of Oakland (685 14th Street)
Experience the inequities of food resources in the Bay Area. While not all guests will leave with a full stomach, all will gain a new perspective on the root causes of hunger and feel motivated to do something about it. Register at

Food Sovereignty Prize Award Ceremony and Fair
Date: Sunday, Nov. 6, 4-7 pm
Location: Marriott (1001 Broadway Oakland)
The 3rd Annual Food Sovereignty Prize will be awarded to Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement, with other honorable mentions. Community food organizations will have booths highlighting their projects, wares, food, and/or work for food sovereignty.

Community Workshops
Dates: Mon. Nov. 7 & Tues. Nov. 8
Location: The California Endowment (1111 Broadway)
These workshops will cover topics such as urban agriculture, rural food security, eliminating racism, and indigenous communities and food security. For times, check

Soap Box
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 11:45-1:30
Location: Frank Ogawa Plaza (1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland)
Now’s your chance to make a speech on food justice! Bring your brown bag lunch to the front of Oakland’s City Hall and hop on the soap box to share your thoughts.

Bike Tours
Date: Anytime
Location: Oakland
During the conference, please enjoy a self-guided tour of community gardens, urban farms, and CSAs in Oakland. Maps of key locations, instructions, and potential discounts on bike rentals will be provided. Please check the CFJC website for more info.

For entire conference schedule:
Film festival:
Art Murmur:
Hunger banquet:

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