Fair Food from the Field to the Table 10/20/11

Through the stories and voices of farmworkers, growers, businesses and fair food advocates, come learn about the realities of farmworker conditions and, more importantly, the promise of improved farm labor practices in American agriculture. Join us for a special, interactive evening featuring dialogue with speakers Jose Gutierrez, former farmworker and health advocate, Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety; Tim Mueller, farmer, River Dog Farm; Bob Gerner, grocer, Natural Grocery Company. We’ll use the multimedia presentation “Fair Food: Field to Table” to frame the conversation. You’ll get a glimpse into the current reality of farmworker conditions in the U.S., meet a farmer who is providing good farm labor conditions and “doing well by doing good”, and hear from a local grocer at the forefront of fair practices. The growing movement for “fair food” is tapping into rising consumer demand for food produced in accordance with fair values. Come honor Food Day 2011 by participating in this important and hopeful discussion to make everyday a fair food day!

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