Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Better Cleaners

Our Info Desk and Store staff have been excited to have a new resource for identifying the best product choices. The Environmental Working Group, the folks who gave us the Skin Deep body care and cosmetics product rating database, has recently created a similar guide for household cleaning products. Everything from bathroom cleaners, laundry detergents, air fresheners and more are rated on health and environmental impact criteria. We’ve been double checking our favorite cleaning products from the Store, and are pleased to know that items we carry from GreenShield, Dr. Bronner’s, Bon Ami, Earth Friendly all got A’s. Come visit us and ask for our recommendations to replace a conventional cleaner! And, if you are ever elbow deep in an environmental cleaning conundrum at home, keep our Info desk’s environmental hotline number handy: (510) 548-2220 x 233. We’ll gladly discuss your choices and point you in the direction of local resources. In the meantime, check out the cleaning guide here.
[Photo by BrittneyBush]

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