Environmental Justice Groups Challenge Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32

Just as California’s Climate Change legislation AB 32 is getting ready to be implemented, some Bay Area environmental justice groups have filed a motion against the Air Resource Board, concerned that the legislation might make situations worse for low-income and minority communities:

“AB 32 requires 360 businesses representing more than 600 facilities to limit greenhouse gas pollution or purchase offsets through a market-based system. The cap-and-trade program, which was approved by the board in December, allows companies that don’t meet their emission limits to offset the pollution by buying a carbon credit, or a promise to reduce pollution elsewhere. The carbon offsets currently allowed in the cap-and-trade system can come from projects located in other states, and in some cases, in Mexico.

“Groups that represent low-income and minority communities argue that allowing a company to purchase offsets elsewhere while continuing to pollute in its current location can actually make the situation worse.” Click here to read more.

[Photo by Pascal]

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