Empty Reservoirs, Fallow Fields: Panel Discussion on Drought, Climate and Food, 5/27/14

20140516droughtThis is the first of two events we have coming up that look at the impact the drought and climate change will have on our food system. In the coming years, drought, hotter temperatures, and extreme weather will team up to reduce crop yields around the world, making food scarcer and more expensive. Here in California, we now have first hand experience, as the state comes off of its driest year on record. About 500,000 acres of farmland are expected to be left idle this year, shrinking production of some of California’s staples, like dairy, produce, and nuts. Low income communities bear the brunt of the drought, hit first and worst by rising food prices and shrinking job opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Join us for a panel discussion of the challenges that drought and climate change bring to our food system, as well as creative models of resilience in California and beyond, featuring:

  • Armando Nieto, Community Food and Justice Coalition (CFJC)
  • Jeanne Merrill, California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN)
  • AshEL Eldridge, Alliance for Climate Education (ACE)
  • Lori Caldwell, Gardening Educator, Compostgal Consulting, Landscape & Education.
  • Moderated by Jessy Gill, CFJC

This is a free event, Tuesday May 27th from 7 – 9 PM. Join us there, and then at our upcoming drought-focused farm tour on June 8th.

[Photo credit: CIAT on Flickr]

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