Ecology Center’s Volunteers of the Year

Each year at our Annual Meeting for Members, we acknowledge outstanding contributors to our organization as Volunteers of the Year! We want everyone to know the dedication these behind-the-scenes supporters have given:

Tabby Kat Paige (Volunteer of the Year, Farmers’ Market)
When our Tuesday South Berkeley Market was moving, Tabby came on as a volunteer for the new location, a few blocks away from her house. Since the summer, Tabby has become so indispensable that Farmers’ Market staff feel they have another colleague on hand when she’s around.

Shoshana Frumkin (Volunteer of the Year, Info Program)
Shoshana is a talented healer who comes once a month to volunteer her chair massage services to our staff. Beyond taking care of our achey backs, Shoshana warmly affirms that the work we do is important.

Phil Watson (Volunteer of the Year, Admin)
Phil gives steady help for tasks that others might quickly grow frustrated with. Arriving each week on his bike, Phil meets challenges of mailings, closet organizing, or digitizing old files with dedication and patience. Every event that he is invited to, he always shows up with a smile.

Bethtina Woodridge (Volunteer of the Year, Farm Fresh Choice)
Our Farm Fresh Choice program has a booked schedule with festivals, health fairs and events June through November. It takes many hands with a lot of energy to be out at these events, and volunteers who have the passion and commitment to share our work are critical. Bethtina is exactly this kind of volunteer. She’s already a leader in the community through her work at Public Allies. When she showed up to volunteer at the Life Is Living Festival, she didn’t come alone – she brought a whole team with her.

Thank you, incredible volunteers!
[Photo L to R: Leah Fessenden (Volunteer Coordinator), Shoshana Frumkin, Tabby Kat Paige, all enjoying some produce and photobooth fun]

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