Ecology Center staff pick product favorites

If you haven’t stopped by our Store recently, come pay us a visit and see what’s new on our shelves! This past winter, we started carrying glob paint kits, natural botanical paints in irresistibly juicy flavors like lemon verbena, plum purple, tangerine, berry blue, pomegranate, and basil green. Made with organic extracts, they’re as kid-friendly as you can get. And because they come in powder-form, they have a virtually indefinite shelf-life and also allow you to experiment with consistencies (whether you want to go for the watercolor effect or tempera) and color intensities. What’s not to love? Not just for kids, we’ve been noticing more than a few of our staff members eyeing these for themselves. Click here to see some of the guidelines our Store considers when choosing which products we carry. We hope you’ll stop by soon!

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