Ecology Center is Hiring for Staff and Contract Positions

20140315jobsWe have several openings right now: a contract position to run Cooking Demonstrations at our Farmers’ Markets, a part time Administrative Assistant position, and a full time Education and Engagement Program Manager position. We want to be sure that a wide range of candidates hear about these opportunities and apply! The deadline for all three of these openings is Friday, March 21, 2014.

The deadline to submit a proposal for the Farmers’ Market Cooking Demonstrations is Friday, March 21st. The role of this contractor is to provide healthy, ethically sourced, affordable and simple to prepare meal ideas for Farmers’ Market shoppers. The ideal candidates for this contract position are individuals, organizations or businesses that are passionate food educators who enjoy being out in the public, engaging with community members in a lively setting.

The Administrative Assistant serves as the first line of engagement at our public space, directing visitors and assisting the public with their requests and needs. This position provides office and facilities support to Ecology Center staff, coordinates volunteers, and supports the operations of the Education and Engagement Program.

The Education & Engagement Program Manager develops educational opportunities and services with the goal of fostering an informed, motivated, and resilient population that is moving both individually and collectively toward a more sustainable future. This position manages the Ecology Center’s classes and educational events, EcoHouse demonstration home and garden, environmental help desk and hotline, and database-dependent services. The EE Program Manager also supervises support staff and volunteers that help fulfill programmatic goals.

We’ll soon be posting two additional openings for a Development Director and Youth Development Program Manager, so stay tuned. Check out our Jobs page for our current openings, and instructions on how to apply.

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