Ecological Design Tour of EcoHouse, this Sunday 4/1/12

This is a new focus for an EcoHouse tour, so we’re excited to offer it this weekend! Get inspired to manifest your sustainable dream house. Some of the Bay Area’s finest designers and builders collaborated to create this example of a single family residence that boasts locally available, non-toxic materials, living architecture, greywater irrigation, rainwater harvesting, permaculture gardens, solar energy and more. See a short presentation of inspiring ecological design from around the world and then enjoy a walking tour of the site. From new construction to retrofits, learn how ecological design can improve your quality of life and regenerate natural systems. Ecological designer Nik Bertulis helped create several of the features at the EcoHouse and will lead the tour. Nik also teaches ecological design at Merritt College and the San Francisco Art Institute. To register or get more information for this Sunday’s tour, click here.

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